Monday, March 29, 2010

Student Government Versus Army ROTC

So, as a freshman in college, I'm a member of Student Government and ROTC.

The two are very different, but at the same time quite similar.

Student Government Association (SGA)

-An EXCELLENT prep for my future. As I'm crazy for public policy and US government, it's ideal.

-Provides me with reason to get to know new people. I represent my dorm in the SGA Assembly, we work through issues ranging from insurance for sports, to cold water in the shower.

-I'm learning how to interact with people with different views than my own. All through high school I was very narrow-minded and so I enjoy arguing my position on certain matters. It's taught me how to better defend my thoughts.

-The Association provides interaction between the residents and the members of different organizations on the campus. I really enjoy this interface, as it provides insight as to what different groups of students want.


-I learn how to give and take orders. There is no room for argument there. I've learned to appreciate the difference between the two, and look forward to the day when I can actually use these skills.

-I have to work with a team. As a swimmer in high school, I wasn't really part of a "team". Yes, we all swam as fast as humanly possible (not Michael Phelps, but for us), but there was no teamwork involved. With ROTC, we have to use each team members' skills, and harness them to get the job done right.

-The Army is my future. As an officer in the Army, I will always have a job (barring extreme circumstances), and in the event of such circumstances, I will be vastly more qualified for certain jobs.

-Physical fitness is KEY in the Army, and as such, I haven't been able to gain the dreaded "freshman 15". The freshman 15, also referred to as the freshman 20, is the substantial weight gain by freshman who can eat essentially whatever and whenever they so choose. I have to be conscientious of what I eat so I don't feel sick every other morning at PT.

-Public speaking is also mandatory in the Army. As an officer, I will be able to speak publicly, and do so well. As an MS1 cadet, we're just now learning how to stand up in front of the room and speak on certain issues.

Well, that's that. I would HIGHLY recommend getting involved in activities throughout college, especially freshman year. I'm not saying "JOIN OR DIE", but I'm saying you'll enjoy yourself much more if you do something that you actually enjoy.

Ciao for now! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Extreme Boredom

So, I'm sitting here, waiting for something to happen, knowing nothing will. So I've decided to type up a little story-line I've been working on. It's actually somewhat interesting. People hit me hard with critiques. My writing needs serious work. :P There's no set title yet, but since it's a work in progress, the title can come later. Enjoy :)

Ah sophomore year! I was finally on my way back to school after a fanTAStic summer abroad. The four and a half hour drive with my two little sisters was enough to make me scream. I was mid-text with my soon-to-be roommate and best friend, Isadora, when my older (but still younger) sister smacked the side of my face.
"OW!" I screamed, "Mother! Beth just whacked me!"
"Cassidy, I'm sorry, we're almost there, relax, please." she responded, and ever so graciously too.
Turning from my now smirking sister, I returned to my text. Isadora and I were mid-discussion on how to set up our room. She detests moving things around once they're finally set up.
Finally I see the school. Reynolds College. Fancy name, manageable price. Not the most stunning campus, but I feel more at home here than at my actual house.
My friends and I are living in a suite this year, and I'm pretty excited about it. Isadora and I will be in one room and our friends Sophie and Elaine are in the room across the living area. Thank God I only had to bring the television, Elaine had to bring the couch.
After a tear-filled good-bye, my family leaves. I am sad to watch them go, but we spent a grand total of three weeks together, which seems like forever. I feel guilty for enjoying being away from home. I really miss my mom while I'm away.
"CASS!" shouts Sophie. I wince at the nickname, and she notices, "...idy! Oops, sorry Cassidy.", she says, but I'm too happy to see her to care too much.
"SOPHIE!", I shout back. I missed her and her crazy cute habits. Sophie is one of two people outside my regular family that I hug on a regular basis. Isadora is the other. I appreciate hugs, and don't mind giving them, but they're not a favorite of mine. Elaine doesn't hug much either, so I don't feel nearly as bad, but I digress.
"Oh, Soph! I'm so glad to see you! Good gracious it seems like forever ago we were saying good-byes!" I gush at her, sounding horribly girlie.
"Cassidy, I missed you too! How was Spain?"
"Fantastica!" -I spent most of my summer in Spain with some distant relatives, so totally cool.
"Now, chica Sophia, how was your summer?" I asked.
"Great! Josh and I climbed like, six mountains."
Oh Josh. The story there is strange. He and I had a little "thing" going in the middle of last semester. Then I realized he wanted a girlfriend, and I just don't have the patience for that now, so I introduced Josh to Sophie and they got along swimmingly. The cool thing is that they life kind of near each other, so they spent a fair amount of time together over the summer. They're painfully cute together.
"Hey Cassidy!", says Elaine from across the room. She's sitting on the couch sketching exactly how the living room will be laid out. I turn to her and smile. Elaine is so uppity it's sweet. She's an art major, and is surprisingly rigid.
"Hiya Elaine! How was your summer?"
"Amazing, we studied so much at UPenn." Oh yea, I'd forgotten that Elaine spent the summer taking art classes at UPenn. She wants to get a spot working for a specific company that buys and sells art.
"How was Spain?" she asks, snapping me out of my momentary trance.
"Awesome! So sunny, I think it rained once the entire summer." I responded.
"CASSIDY!" Wow, that was loud. I beam, knowing instantly that it's Isadora.
"ISADORA!" It's going to be interesting living with her for an entire year.
"Max and I are gonna run and grab food, we'll set up when I get back, ok?"
"Yea, that's cool, Elaine and I are gonna set up the living room now, so that sounds good. DIBS on the bed closest to the window!" I've had my eye on that spot since we found out we'd be living here.
"Fine, but I get the bigger dresser." At this I smile. Remembering just how many clothes Isadora has makes me laugh.
Twenty minutes later, Isadora and Max return, but Sophie, Elaine and I are ready to head out and get dinner at the union. We duck out so they can say good-bye. Soon we hear a pat pat down the hall.
"Uh Hell-O! I'm coming!" Isadora pants after us.
"Well we weren't sure if you needed awhile to say bye to Max or not.", reasons Elaine.
With a sigh, Isadora falls into step with us. It's nice to be back with everyone. It's also really neat to finally NOT be a freshman.
Last year the four of us were right where they are now. It's so true that you really can tell a freshman. They carry their keys in such obvious places. They all pretend to be something they're not. It won't be until their second semester that they finally realize that most people don't care about what others do.
Across the lot I notice Austin. Isadora sees me notice and sighs, pulling me along. He's in Student Government with Josh and me. He's not my "type" a bit heavy set, and a lot older than I am. Five years may be fine for Max and Isadora, but to me, it's a new concept.
He looks up from his work, sees me and waves. My stomach and heart flutter at awkward paces, but he's so darn cute!

To Be Continued. . .
Ciao :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tres Cute

As black can be worn with most, I did this one first. Despite my colorful personality, I've noticed I have quite a bit of black in my closet.
Pink, naturally. I love the single polka dot. It's so simple, yet oh so very chic at the same time.

In my mid-Saturday boredom, when there's no homework, I discovered this website:
Their ideas are so cute! I instantly made these two, and have plans for many more.
Hope this helps cut down your boredom on Saturday afternoons too.
Ciao :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Freshman Friendships

So, at the request of a follower, here are (some of) my friends.  I'm not giving their names, they have NICKNAMES!
(I secretly love giving them nicknames)
LadyFunk-loves funk music, and dresses in a way that expresses that love
ClariQueen-here at school for the clarinet, we've heard her play a couple of times, she's awesome
AngelinaBallerina-my dear roommate, she's so sweet, and just loves to dance
The boys will come later, I need to work on their nicknames.
LF and I just got back from the Student Union.  We spent $1.25 getting her shoes, a belt, a purse, and myself a pair of (soon to be washed) shorts and a really cute purse. 
From the looks of things CQ and I will be roomies next semester, should prove to be excellent.  But it will be so strange not to live with AB anymore. 

Oddly enough we have a most epic weekend planned of NOTHING(!) so suggestions are welcome.  To the best of my knowledge one of our guy friends (SuperVin) is bringing over his Jurassic Park movies, and we'll end up rawr-ing around the dorm for the remainder of the weekend. 

PS, as the weather is cooky lately, always use's not difficult, and I promise your hands and arms will thank you. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Awhile coming

So, it's been awhile since my last post, but I can't think of anything to say. However, given that my current financial plight is OVER(!) I must confess some of my SERIOUS concerns:
1. How on EARTH was I going to pay for school?
2. What if the Army said no to my enlistment?
3. What would I have done otherwise?
4. Would my life essentially be over?
Thankfully the miracle workers in the financial aid department here at school saved my madras-clad butt. My parents (God bless them) can afford the remainder, so I get to stay at school.
Good news from the recruiter, MEPS should be sometime within the next 2 weeks, so keep the fingers crossed in that respect.
I don't honestly know what I would have done otherwise...where would I have found work in *THIS* economy?
No, my life probably wouldn't be "over", but I'd have to move back home, and find a job near there, it wouldn't have been pretty.

Knowing that there are at least a few *I hope* followers, who here hates dodgeball? Not the movie, which is OUTLANDISHLY funny, but the game itself. We played that today in our Military Science lab, it was dreadful. I cannot stand having balls thrown ferociously at my head. It just doesn't sit well with me. To top that off, we're expected to CATCH them.

To all of you considering ROTC, contact Mjr Scott Toth-his contact info can be found at
Be aware, it's such an amazing learning experience.
Ciao for now

Sunday, March 21, 2010

V For Victory!!

To All: I'm running for Student Government Association Vice President!!
So to all my potsdam people: Vote Venoski for VP...alliteration at it's finest! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Since it's Thursday, I should enlighten the world about something ROTC cadets do on a weekly basis: Lab. Certain aspects of the lab are outstandingly interesting, while others are horrendously boring. All are necessary for future officers in the Army. Last week some of my fellow cadets had the option to fly in a blackhawk helicopter. Sadly, I was unable to attend due to lack of funds to drive back to school, but that was one of the more enjoyable labs. Most of the labs surround the juniors, or MSIIIs and their leader skill development.
Last semester the focus was squad based movements. These included Movement To Contact, Knock Out a Bunker, and Ambush. These movements are analyzed for imperfections, and the MSIIIs must decipher what was good, and what was bad about their leading.
I cannot wait until I'm an MSIII. It is then that we finally FINALLY see what we've learned, and use our leadership skills.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie Nights

It's St. Patrick's Day and my friends and I decided to stay in and not be stereotypical college students. We're having a Disney movie night. Honestly, I love hanging out, and goofing around watching movies. There's no real reason to worry about how to get back to the room, or any other concerns that are common with drinking.
There is a great deal of caution that must me exercised while in the ROTC. Namely, cadets can lose scholarships if they are caught participating in unsavory activities, namely underage drinking. It isn't difficult to find things to do on most college campuses without drinking. It is entirely at the discretion of each individual as to whether or not to drink underage, but it's always best to avoid alcohol.
We decided to watch Princess and the Frog tonight, as it's a brand-new movie, and none of my friends have seen it yet. For the most part, it's completely wonderful, with just a few sad portions, which is understandable for Disney. Overall, I give the movie 5 stars, it's adorable, very old-school Disney. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Post

I first decided to write a blog a while back when I began reading College Prep's blog. Honestly, the idea struck me as odd, but I was intrigued none the less. Obviously it took me awhile to come up with a topic, but my cadet career is something I really find interesting. I've decided to enlighten all the readers about the trials and tribulations of being a cadet in the Army, and a student.
Let me start by introducing myself a bit. I'm a freshman at Potsdam College. I was going to join the swim team, but after discussing my options with my parents, I decided to give ROTC a try. At first I only went to the class, then I realized that there is so much more included in the life of a cadet, but I'll get to that later. I love my friends here, and they are very supportive of my career choice, but don't hesitate to question my decision.
On to the commitment, I went to my first class and oddly enough, the Army expected me to be physically fit. Waking up at 0515 to do sit-ups, push-ups, and a horrible run every morning is always difficult. After the first couple of weeks, I realized that if I missed a PT I wouldn't feel as happy as I did after doing the PT.
The trials of Army continue however, and I'll discuss them later. :)
Quick vocab lesson:
ROTC-Reserve Officer Training Corps
PT-Physical Training