Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, in a mix of boredom and a horrendous snowblizzardofDEATH Cadet side note: alright, not really of death, I'm from the belt in Rochester so this is nothing, I decided to return and be CDTPrep yet again.
*insert dance montage here*

Now that that's over we have some catching up to do.
In the past two months a LOT has changed with this Prepster.
  • I transfered (yes, TRANSFERRED!) to a different school! Gasp, but Brynna, that's so scary, how did you brave leaving Potsdam? Well reader, it was easy, kinda. I decided against my father's wishes that I had NO intention of ever becoming a member of the political atmosphere. The very idea of watching C-SPAN every WAKING moment of my career gave me hives. Upon finally coming to my senses and realizing this, I applied to another school, 20 minutes down the road from Potsdam, SUNY Canton. (Go Kangaroos?!) It's the closest school in my beloved North Country with a Nursing program.
  • No I'm not yet a nursing major. BUT I'm working really hard and ever so diligently on my awesome new classes (all science/math-based, none of this liberal arts shit)! So that being said I am taking Math (my favorite, the professor yells at us about our lack of parenthesis), Pathology (cool, but eh, I thought it would be better), Medical Terminology (very cool, just not Derm, Derm is gross), and last but most CERTAINLY LEAST Psychology. I HATE PSYCHOLOGY - that fact shall never change.
  • The Boyfriend is good. We argue more, but it's healthy, I hope. I consider it to be learning more about one another. I think it means that the honeymoon of new relationship time is done. Scary thought, huh, I never thought I'd annoy Boyfriend, but he takes my child-like tendencies in fanTAStic army stride.
  • I found a new (well new to me) blog called Hyperbole and a Half. ( People, You will laugh hysterically for the entire duration of the post.
On a more "preppy" note, I am LOVING the spring collection of Lilly Pulitzer! It so makes me wish I could wear my spring outfits already. Bad news Northern NYers, it's still too cold. (*dramatic siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*)

I'm hoping that I'll be able to put up a new post at least once a week. Maybe Friday will be my blogging day. . . hmmmm very very tempting.

Anyway, I'm off to Boyfriend's to watch Adventureland and The [Facebook Movie] Social Network. Ciao Darlings. xoxo