Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love Queenie and Lady Funk a lot. They're my best friends here at school, and I can't imagine having other roommates-besides my darling roomie from last year, nobody beats her.

That being said, I spent the weekend at my boyfriend's and it was very nice. We watched a lot of movies, saw a soccer game, and basically just vegged out.

He has a single. So when I got back to Potsdam (He goes to a school one town over), I went into what can only be described as shock. My roommates weren't going to simmer down just because *I* returned, nor should they. I just wasn't prepared for the onslaught of bestfriends I met when I arrived.

I did feel bad, though. I usually take what the girls say and don't let it faze me, but Queenie said some things that hit the wrong nerve with me, and I kind of snapped. No yelling, but there were some sarcastic comments thrown around. It was somewhat harsh, what I said.

No worries, blogosphere, I apologized right after, but I was still somewhat justified in a small portion of my snap. (She kept whining about having joint pain, but refused to take medication to numb the pain. I have arthritis...I don't handle whining about joints well at all).

So now I have to work on coming back to Potsdam and just accept everything that hits me. I'm not terribly concerned, as I really do love my roommates to pieces. It's just a matter of saying: "okay, you left the boyfriend's, now we're back in triple-land."


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So this Cadet is learning to dive...it's going swimmingly (ba-da-chhh), except for the
more than occasional bruise of course.

With all that chlorine exposure, the dry cold of Potsdam, and generally dry hands, I went on a lotion hunt.

This is seriously the best I could hope for. It keeps my hands feeling happy all season.
Without the annoying greasy feeling!

As far as hair care goes, it's next to be hunted down, as my hair gets very slimy due to exposure to chlorine.

First meet is the 30th! Go POTSDAM BEARS (and all that jazz)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Management

This Cadet recently got a huge wake-up call.
I got a C on a midterm! This isn't cool. So, I've made a decision that beginning Monday, October 18 I'm going to take school much more seriously.

I'm not a bad student, I just have a tendency to get distracted easily.

These are my tips for staying on task during long nights of reading when you'd rather be somewhere else:

  1. Use post-its, they help you take notes without the seriousness of notebooks. (They're also cute and often come in fun colors).
  2. Set goals for yourself. If you only have the class two times a week, set goals to read X number of pages each night, then review the material the night before class.
  3. Allow time for little rewards. Don't get crazy here, but if you've read 50 pages, written an essay, and started your math problems, it's ok to skype with your boyfriend for a little bit.
  4. Make a list of what you have to do, and try to alternate tasks. If you have to read for 2 of your 4 classes, alternate readings for classes with more practical things, like writing essays or solving problems.
  5. Don't fall asleep with highlighters in your hands, your sweaters don't like them.
  6. Keep coffee, snacks on hand. It's easier to stay awake for those long hauls with munchies around. You can always go to the gym the next day, especially if you have practice.
That being said, if your study habits work, keep going with them. These are just ideas that I'm going to try. Also, any tips you have, feel free to comment!