Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small(ish) Rant

I love facebook. I really do, I'm talking 100% addicted to it.
I met my roommate on facebook (AngelinaBallerina), I keep in touch via facebook, but honestly...


Certain inside jokes are permissible on the site, and though you might not understand them, accept them and MOVE THE HECK ON!

I apologize for the potential confusion, but let's not take things too seriously.

If I "friend" a person on facebook a week ago, do you honestly think we're actually "married"?

Clearly a joke, considering you don't have the full story, please chill out.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Fun!

I have great friends! Hands down the best bunch I could ask for!

Today was my *gasp* 20th birthday! A big day in the life of this cadet. It's my golden birthday and I've been a-waitin' for a long time.

In the picture we have
ChucksGirl CadetPrep ManlyMan LadyFunk QueenDclarinet

They bought me cake at WEGMANS! (I'm kind of obsessed with Wegman's.)
LadyFunk made them stick with a PINK theme (how perfect?).
She always does a fanTAStic job with parties.

Tonight was also the premier of the show CHUCK on NBC! It was beyond awesome!
Overall, excellent 20th for this prep!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Land Navigation

During any cadet's ROTC career, she/he will undoubtedly have to go through the grueling process that is known and loved as Land Nav.

Land Nav(igation) is a good idea in theory. Learning how to read a map and get from point A to B, and from A to any number of check points.

Cadets are issued

a compass

a protractor

and a map of the area being navigated. We have three hours to locate eight points, which are indicated by an alpha-numeric code.

EX: A1

I look forward to Land Nav every year, but for some reason, I just can't get the hang of it. It's easy in THEORY, but in practice. . .not so much.

Today, I tried the same lane twice, and only found two of 8 points total. It's very upsetting, considering this is a big HUGE-mondo part of LDAC.

So, to sum up, I have GOT to get better at Land Nav or I won't do as well as I should at Camp next summer.

Wish me luck, Cadets!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Who saw this coming?

CollegePrep, the wonderful blogger from Georgetown is hosting another

^Seriously, how cute are these flip-flops?

So, enter the Giveaway and win some adorable stuff from the Tipsy Skipper at!

Happy shopping :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

preppy handbook cover2
LOVE this book!
I discovered it one afternoon going through my late grandmother's attic since then it has been my prep bible.

Thankfully, according to, I found a more updated version!

True Prep: It's a Whole New Old World
It's neat because it's by the same author as "The Official Preppy Handbook", but it's a more up-to-date version. I must get my hands on a copy, but Mommasan said I need to wait until my birthday. Which isn't too bad as it's in just over a week.

Happy reading Preppies!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


That's right ladies and gents, this Cadet will be
starting off her sophomore year of college as a part of the
Potsdam Women's Swimming and Diving Team!
(go bears!)

I cannot WAIT until the real season starts. Currently, I can only
dive off the board with no coach (don't fret, he sits on the deck and watches), but
he can't actually begin coaching me (and the other divers) until the 20th! <-EEK!

Diving is SO scary, flipping off a board is something I never saw myself
doing. I also have to get used to the spring in the board...further eek moment. I've landed
on my back on the water too many times to count! Let me tell you, it *hurts*.
I've just been getting back up, which I guess is kind of the point.
Kudos to divers from my high school, I had NO IDEA how hard it was to do this!!

Anyway, since I'm going to be on an official NCAA DIII team, I won't have to
go to typical PT (insert tiny HOOAH here). I'll still go in to take the
APFT (hopefully I pass), but other than that, I'm gold!

This is going to be a very VERY welcome thing since the PT+Swim/Diving practice has been killing me. (Since the season hasn't started yet we've been doing
captain's practices.)

Off to start my homework, second week of college and I'm already wishing for Christmas break :P

Monday, September 6, 2010

Quick, quick, quick post

Hi all! Just had one heck of a workout at PT this morning thanks to one of the MS4s!

It occurred to me as we were running down a hill with what seemed to be a vertical drop that this is something I really need to be consciously doing every. single. day. I've been doing doubles, don't worry, but evidently not to the standards expected of me.

PHEW! PT is tough, but as I may have mentioned before, I'm trying out for the swim team at Potsdam, so that *should* (coughcough gods of PT hear me please coughcough) help me pass the APFT come September 22.

*APFT=Army Physical Fitness Test

Females in my age group (17-21) must do:
  • 19+ push-ups
  • 53+ sit-ups
  • and run 2 miles in under 18:54
Trust me when I say it shouldn't be this difficult (it is, which is a BLATANT indication that I'm seriously out of shape).

Good luck cadets!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crafts and Headbands and Belts, OH MY!

It's been a long time coming that I've wanted to start being a crafty girl.

I have tried scrapbooking in the past, and I think I may have just been too young because it led me to believe that I wasn't A. very good at crafts, or B. very interested in crafts.

Little did I know that Mommasan would come to tell me that I could make my own accessories!

GASP! <-who would have thought this to be possible!?

(clearly a lot of people, ribbons, bows, d-rings, and headbands abound at Michael's craft store in Victor, NY)

This one is one of my favorites! Argile-esque print is so preppy, and I love how it alternates between dark and light pink! Naturally, I had to add a bow to this one. :)
Believe it or not, this one has ladybugs on it! So cute, right? I'm not sure if it'll turn into a present for my friend Grace (she's 8).
I'm a lover of all things footwear. I own easily 30 pair, and work in the footwear dept at LLBean. So when Mommasan found this beauty, I knew it had "Belt" written all over it!
I loved this ribbon! I cannot wait to wear it, mostly because it's adorable, but also because I'll wear it almost every day.
CadetPrepster's craft excellence.

This was an excellent way to relax. No stress, because until everything was glued down, everything could be changed.