Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I promisepromisepromise to wait to post this until Friday, but I've been working on it since Tuesday evening because I was bored and I thought I might forget to mention something.

I was reading Boyfriend's ArmyStrong blog and he goes into some detail about how they now have Cadet NCO ranks. NCO is a Non-Commissioned Officer. They are essentially the back-bone of the Army and LORD KNOWS officers today could not survive without them. It's cool that they get these ranks to see what it's like to have actual responsibility to the Battalion and the Cadre members. Boyfriend is now a CSS, or a Cadet Staff Sergeant, which isn't terrible cadet-rank-wise.

This past Saturday we had the Army-vs-Air Force Hockey game. It was a total shut-out and the Army kicked butt with a score of 10-0!
This is the Army team, we had at least twice the number of people on our side which probably helped us win considerably. It was SO much fun to watch the game and catch up with the cadets I haven't seen since last semester due to my not being ROTC any longer.

After the game Boyfriend and I ran around like chickens without heads getting ready for the Army Dining Out. I've always explained it as Prom with no dancing, but it's more than that, it's a gathering of Army soldiers to celebrate their future sacrifice for their country. The speaker this year was MUCH better than last year's. He spoke about ownership, which was really important to me.

Though I'm not a cadet anymore, I'm now a (okay, I'm ALMOST) nursing major, and as such I will have a great deal to own up to. If I make a mistake it's my fault, and I need to be okay with that. It means a lot that many people will trust my judgement with their lives, it's a really incredible feeling to know that you have that much pressure on you. I hope it's rewarding.

My new realization is that old Disney Channel Original movies rocked. Seriously. I watched Luck of the Irish last night with my dad in the other room smiling at me like I was 10 years old again. I thought I was adorable, and I think he'd agree. Other favorites of mine were Cadet Kelly (big surprise), and Double Teamed (I used to think basketball was the coolest thing ever).

These were good movies, nobody really sang or danced in an unrealistic way, only one thing about this movie was goofy, but nobody cared because it had a leprechaun playing basketball. I think that High School Musical is great and all, but Disney movies became very lame and way too centered on the dynamics of boy-girl relationship nonsense. This is back when school really mattered and parents were actually seen on camera for more than "Can I borrow $200 mom?" so some yucklehead could skip school to see a lame concert or get a slutty dress to go to prom.

Sorry that rant is over. PHEW!

To end on a happier note: This is me with Boyfriend just before we left for the Dining Out. Cadet Side Note: my hair will be blonde-ified as of 4:00 pm so relax about the red head.

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