Monday, March 21, 2011

Slight Delay, but eh

who cares? I mean I've survived, and I'm almost completely certain the internet has too, ohmygosh! It survived!

The reason for my lateness is that I was at Boyfriend's house this weekend, bonding with momma and MSG (that's Master Sergeant to me) of Boyfriend. It was WONDERFUL to get a home-cooked meal. Mrs. Boyfriend's Mom made the most fanTAStic corn chowder. (I have leftovers sitting in my fridge here at Canton). SO wonderful to see her again.

Since I'm behind in my postings, I'm going to be a tad lazy and send you over to CollegePrepster to check out her "TDF" Marley Lilly Monogrammed cups! (TDF is prep-speak for "to die for"). They really are super cute, and I'd just LOVE one in light pink with BVC on it. :)

Hey look, I even kinda blogged some ROTC stuff! xoxo

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