Friday, March 11, 2011

Preppy on a Budget

I for one love everything preppy, but that's sometimes a problem, especially since the going rate for a Lilly Pulitzer scarf is $118.00 plus tax.

So with the help of my fanTAStic mother, I worked out some pretty cute preppy looks for less.

  • Top Gap about - $15
  • Jacket American Eagle - $45 ($$plurge)
  • Shorts H&M - $30
  • Shoes Target - $9
  • Hat Layne Bryant - $13
  • Polo(s) Aeropostale - Buy One Get One FREE! $20
  • Pants Ann Taylor LOFT - $5 ($$teal! I found them at a thrift store!)
  • Shoes LL Bean $55 ($$plurge)
While I do have a number of other combos I want to show you, I'm feeling quite lazy and don't want to spoil possible future posts (I'm thinking series here?). So here are some hints to find cute things while staying on a "I plan on living on a soldier's income in the near future" budget.
  • Shop alone or with one person, any more and you get tempted.
  • Check out thrift stores. One wash and the clothes are nearly perfect.
  • While looking at thrift stores, look for labels, sometimes they're still there. My big win was a Lilly athletic shirt for $1.
  • Ebay, Ebay, Ebay! I love hunting for deals online, and it's rewarding to win.
  • See if what you have can work as a "classic" piece, so that it can transition from season to season.
There you have it guys. Shop for what you love, but within reason. xoxo

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